Northumberland Firewood Fair


The Northumberland Firewood Fair took place on October 16th 2011 – the first event of it’s kind in northern England. The event was a huge success with almost 1,000 people through the gate on the day, some travelling from as far as Wiltshire and Liverpool. ‘Fantastic event – I got just what I wanted’ was the feedback from one buyer leaving the site with a trailer full of seasoned logs.

The Fair featured a large auction with over 200 lots supplied by 22 local businesses, ranging from bags of kindling and logs to dumpy bags of kiln dried timber and lorry loads of roundwood. Alongside sales on the day the event served as an excellent opportunity to link woodfuel businesses with prospective buyers – one business reported an additional £6,000 sales as a direct result of involvement in the Fair. There were also trade stands for firewood processing equipment, woodland management equipment and woodfuel stoves which were very busy and reported excellent interest.

Many thanks to those involved – Glendale PR, Beach Design, Meldon Park Estate, the Dyke Neuk pub, caterers and all the vendors and trade stands. This event was organised by Northwoods with grant funding secured through the Northumberland Uplands Leader programme and sponsorship from George F White. It is planned to make the Fair an annual event with some of the organisation taken on by businesses working in the sector. If you are interested in getting involved with the organisation and running next year pleased let us know over the coming months.

As a condition of receiving funding from the Northumberland Upland Leader programme we need to provide evidence of the support we give to the sector. ALL INFORMATION YOU GIVE WILL BE TREATED IN THE STRICTEST CONFIDENCE, IT IS INTENDED FOR IMPORTANT MONITORING AND EVIDENCE ONLY. Evidence of this kind is very important in help secure future funding for woodfuel sector support. For Woodfuel business that sold firewood or had a trade stand at the Fair, we would be extremely grateful if you could complete a CONFIDENTIAL online survey of your business. Please click HERE.