Woodland Creation Grant 2016

February 16, 2016

The Woodland Creation Grant available under Countryside Stewardship opens today, 16th February.  Forestry Commission Woodland Officers can conduct site visits from today so early submissions are encouraged.   The window is limited so applicants must work quickly to get their applications in.

The maximum available grant per hectare for a woodland creation application is £6,800.  There is a range of capital items to select from, each of which offer different payments towards the costs involved.  See the Woodland Creation Manual 2016 for more information.

The map for the woodland creation application MUST be on a map supplied by the Natural England map request service, therefore though the final submission date is 31st March potential applicants will have had to have requested a map by 24th March.

If you are considering a woodland creation application ring Northwoods on 01670 513292 for more advice.

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