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Welcome to Northwoods

The Northwoods Forestry Sector Support Programme is a highly reputable suite of funded programmes, training and expertise designed to support the growth and development of the forestry sector.

Introducing the Northwoods Forestry Sector Support Programme

Managed by low carbon heat and forestry consultancy, Reheat, the Northwoods Forestry Sector Support Programme provides a range of services and access to expertise through funded programmes and dedicated packages of support for the forestry sector.

Northwoods overview and capabilities

Forest of trees

Forestry and land management

The Northwoods consortium is made up of chartered foresters, as well as experts in forestry management, supply chains and innovation to support woodland owners and land managers.

GIS and remote sensing

Northwoods specialises in areas such as GIS, remote sensing and digital mapping to help users along the journey of creating and managing forests, as well as supporting land managers through regulation and good practice.

Project management

The Northwoods team comprises highly experienced and skilled project managers who support and guide businesses through woodland programmes. This includes the Northwoods Innovation Programme, which is project managed by members of the Reheat team.

Business and innovation advice

Get business advice from the Northwoods consortium across all areas of woodland management, understanding supply chains and up skilling your workforce. Innovation support is also available to help businesses understand the latest processes, practices and technology.

Grant writing

Northwoods has a long history in grant writing and success bids for funded forestry programmes and schemes of work, from organisations including the Forestry Commission, as well as public and private sectors.

Onsite woodland advice

Northwoods can provide expert advice and feedback on your woodland, including its current condition, the potential for management, and a full woodland management plan.We can also provide access to a vast network of experts and fellow woodland owners.

Meet our team

Web Developer, Sylva Foundation
Gwyneth Bradbury

Gwyneth joined the Sylva team in 2022, with a background in research support software development and engineering.

Andrew Clark of Sylva Foundation
Head of Forestry, Sylva Foundation
Andrew Clark

Andrew's career spans over 25 years of forestry throughout the UK. His experience of grants, regulations and forestry management mean he is well placed to help myForest users make the most of its capabilities.

Neil Harrison, Director
Director, Reheat
Neil Harrison

Neil is Director and Co-Founder of Reheat and Northwoods, with 20 years of industry experience in forestry, biomass energy and enterprise in commercial, voluntary and government settings.

Rosanna Curtis, Senior Consultant
Senior Consultant, Reheat
Rosanna Curtis

Rosanna is a Senior Consultant with Reheat, and also Project Manager for the Northwoods Innovation Programme. She specialises in forestry projects, low carbon heat and grant funding.

Paul Orsi, Director of Operations
Director of Operations, Sylva Foundation
Paul Orsi

Paul is Director of Operations at Sylva Foundation, utilising his extensive experience to provide strategic advice and direction to Northwoods, whilst also supporting the consortium develop innovative management tools.

Director, RDI Associates
Will Richardson MICFor

Will is Director of RDI Associates and responsible for the development of online tools for woodland owners and managers, and supporting innovators develop their ideas to bring woodlands into management.

Martin Glynn, Rural Development Advisor
Rural Development Advisor
Martin Glynn FICor CEnv

Martin has over 30 years experience providing consultancy, research and project development services to the forestry industry and related sectors.

Ben Moore, Communications
Communications, Reheat
Ben Moore

Ben leads on communications for Reheat and Northwoods, with over a decade working in renewable energy, sustainability and innovation.

Director, Reheat
Ben Tansey

Ben is Director and Co-founder of Reheat and an accomplished business manager with a background in sustainable forestry and career in the biomass to energy sector which spans nearly two decades.

Martha Carrdus, Graduate Consultant
Graduate Consultant, Reheat
Martha Carrdus

Martha is a Graduate Consultant at Reheat and a Geography and Planning graduate of Newcastle University, embracing the opportunity to research and learn more about forestry and renewables.

Kate Hutchinson, Senior Consultant
Senior Consultant, Reheat
Kate Hutchinson

Kate is a Senior Consultant at Reheat, with over 20 years’ experience in renewables and forestry, including biomass, community energy, tree health and forestry support projects.


An award winning forestry initiative operating for over two decades

Northwoods started life as an EU-funded forestry support programme in the Northeast of England in late 1999, going on to provide outreach events and funded training courses in Northumberland. Amongst other programmes, Northwoods delivered the Ignite training programme for the nascent wood fuel industry, winning the National Training Award in 2006.

Read more about our projects and stakeholders

Reheat is a low carbon heat specialist that hosts and manages Northwoods. With in-house forestry industry expertise, Reheat brings substantial programme management, training and funding knowledge to Northwoods. reheat.uk.com
Forestry Commission
A Woodland Management Focus Area Pilot undertaken as part of Round 1 of the Woods into Management Forestry Innovation Funds (WiMFIF), identified un- and under-managed woodlands in the Northeast and Yorkshire, supporting woodland owners to bring their woodlands into management.
Sylva Foundation
As part of the Northwoods Innovation Programme, Sylva Foundation launched new functionality on its myForest digital mapping platform, enabling users to create and download geospatial pdf maps for use in the field with third party mobile technology.
Martin Glynn FICFor
With over 30 years experience providing consultancy, research and project development services to the forest industry and related sectors, Martin promotes and enables sustainable forest management and creation through supply chain and market initiatives.
RDI Associates
RDI Associates provide forest management, timber marketing and afforestation, grant applications, and timber measurement and mapping work, technical consultancy and research contracts, training courses and events.
Timber Auctions
Timber Auctions operate Europe's leading electronic round timber marketing service for buyers and sellers throughout the UK, supporting Northwoods by increasing confidence and transparency in the timber market, particularly for inexperienced woodland owners
Green Business Finance
Green Business Finance supports UK SME businesses with investment in green energy technology and carbon friendly equipment, working with Northwoods participants to refine their business models.
Our Partners

Become a Northwoods partner

Contact us if you are developing a forestry initiative, innovation, programme or funding application and would be interested in partnering with the Northwoods Forestry Support Sector Programme. Our established experience and expertise in the forestry industry could be an invaluable addition to your business or project

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