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The Northwoods Innovation Programme has been established to accelerate innovative approaches and technology to stimulate practical action in unmanaged and undermanaged woodlands, as well as improve biodiversity and sustainability.

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Northwoods is hosted and managed by Reheat, joined by a consortium of industry experts, with collective expertise in forestry, woodland management and encouraging the growth and development of the forestry workforce through training, business support and the creation of new markets for forest products.

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We host multiple, online and in-person events per year based on our programmes. Delivered by our forestry experts, we always ensure they are welcoming and of high value to participants.

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'It was interesting to hear about ways to assess the risk of affected trees and how to prioritise actions.'
Event Attendee
Managing Ash Dieback in Woodlands, Guyzance, Northumberland
'I'm preparing to fell 100 mature trees and can see that this tool will help with the volume measurements'
Event Attendee
Selling your timber: Digital measurements using Timbeter, Webinar
'[Following this event I'll] accurately record features of my woodland (like Veteran Trees and Water Courses) and prepare a map for a woodland contractor'
Event Attendee
Woodland management and geospatial maps using myForest, Webinar
'I'll continue to explore new ideas for managing our woodlands without plastic and keep up with the research discussed. I was particularly interested in the research using different types of guard.'
Event Attendee
Managing and Reducing Plastics in Woodlands, Webinar
'As a small woodland owner with woods with about 30% ash it was very useful. The Leaf information [A Farmer's Guide to Ash Dieback] is particularly helpful.'
Event Attendee
Managing Ash Dieback in Woodlands, Webinar
'Excellent, informative day. Some very important topics raised during general discussions.'
Event Attendee
Managing the Impact of Deer, Hamsterley, Co. Durham
‘Very interesting and useful discussion. Great format. Very accessible.’
Chris, Woodland Owner
Woodland Owner Insights, Walbottle, Northumberland
'Exciting tool that makes GIS more usable without needing a training course. Very keen to have a go having prepared all the maps for my WMP [Woodland Management Plan] on paper using coloured pencils!'
Event Attendee
Woodland management and geospatial maps using myForest, Webinar
‘We are thrilled to have launched this cutting-edge functionality’
‘The myForest Team is thrilled to have launched this cutting-edge functionality, enabling users to take the work they’ve done in myForest out into the field with them.’
George Dennison, Sylva Foundation
Northwoods Innovation Programme project
'We are delighted to be providing support for this project’
The Forestry Commission are delighted to be providing support for this project which will enable woodland owners of all types to overcome barriers to management.
Jack Clough, Forestry Commission
Northwoods Innovation Programme funding body

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