PIES – Supporting the creation and management of woodland across England

Funded woodland advice for landowners in England

Innovation and active management for woodlands in the Northeast and Yorkshire.

The Northwoods Forestry Sector Support Programme supports and delivers projects that provide innovation and active management for forestry. Read on to discover more about this programme.

PIES (Protect Improve Expand Sustain) is a government-funded project funded by the Trees Call to Action Fund developed by Defra in partnership with the Forestry Commission and administered by the Heritage Fund. The PIES project aims to support the delivery of the government’s England Trees Action Plan at scale across the country, by: (1) expanding and connecting woodlands; (2) promoting green economy; (3) protecting and improving woodlands.

The PIES project aims to support landowners in bringing existing woodland back into management and to support woodland creation projects. Successful applicants receive free advice, including a site visit and customised report, plus ongoing online support and technical services.

PIES is led by a partnership between three organisations: Sylva Foundation, Forest Canopy Foundation, and Grown in Britain. The partnership is working closely with the Forestry Commission and the National Farmers’ Union to deliver the project for three years (2022-25). Northwoods is delighted to be supporting the PIES project in the North East and Yorkshire region.  

Since its launch in 2022, the PIES project has approved 110 fully-funded advisory visits to landowners and farmers across England. With more funding now available, new applications are invited www.sylva.org.uk/pies.

The PIES offer is pitched to support landowners as they take the first step in bringing existing woodlands into management, or as they consider creating new woodlands. Those who receive the free advisory visit are subsequently eligible to apply for further financial support, for example through the Woodland Management Planning Grant or Woodland Creation Planning Grant.


Free Advisory Visit

The free advice and site visit helps landowners to develop outline plans for existing woodlands, and plans and budgets for new tree planting. The first step for successful applicants is to choose who to work with, selected from a choice of three local expert providers offered by the Forest Canopy Foundation.

The PIES expert providers have found the process rewarding as it has connected them with new clients and provided them with sufficient time to help them discover more detail about the aims and ambitions of their new clients.

The PIES expert provider initially gathers information, maps and plans on behalf of the client, and then agrees the time and scope of a site advisory visit. Following the initial advice and visit, digital plans and maps will be shared with the landowner via a free account on the myForest platform run by Sylva Foundation. The platform provides ongoing support to the landowner, while simplifying the process of applying for government incentives and meeting regulatory requirements.

As part of the PIES offer Grown in Britain Forest Certification is offered free for one year, supporting eligible landowners in making the most of their woodland resource.


How to Apply for PIES support

Eligible landowners include those with existing woodland that do not have a current management plan in place, and/or any landowner interested in creating new woodland on their land. The offer is available only to landowners in England.

The PIES online application process has been designed to be simple and straightforward.

To read moreand apply visit: www.sylva.org.uk/pies.